Trail Forged


Trail Forged joined HFM to dramatically increase their sales. While their products were innovative and high quality, they simply were not reaching their audience. They also needed high visibility creative they could get repeat use from.


Our Google Ad Buying team took the lead on how to put the right eyeballs on Trail Forge’s products, while staying within an ad spend budget the client could afford.


The creative team needed to create large format graphics that Trail Forged could use at multiple locations and events. 


We tested audience sets with image and copy over and over again to find what was delivering the best results. Then we tested some more! 


Our results speak for themselves. 

  • Achieved an average Return on Ad Spend of 6.4x over a year’s time. 
  • Maximum ROAS of 10.1x over 30 days.
  • Average sales growth of 43.77% year to date.

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