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We made the following changes to reach where we are today:

Improved website UI/UX design: Conducted user research, and usability testing, and implemented design best practices to improve the website’s user interface and user experience. 

Fixed URL structure issues: Ensured that URLs are descriptive, concise, and optimized for search engines. Used URL parameters, subdomains, or subdirectories as necessary to structure the website. 

Addressed Site Map issues: Created and submitted XML sitemaps to Google Search Console and ensured that these are updated regularly to include all relevant pages and resources.

Improved Blogs: Improved Blog Section and its URL structure.

Improved internal linking structure: Created a clear and concise internal linking structure that directed users to relevant content and pages.

Fixed Broken Links: Used a broken link checker tool to find and fix broken links on the website. Replaced broken links with relevant, up-to-date resources.


Current Website did not reflect the brand. The site’s look and feel was not representative of the quality of work Reflections delivered to their client. 

As our creative team took on the challenge of making the site more representative of  Reflections, we quickly realized that there was more to this project. The current website did not deliver effectively with regard to Core Web Vitals and Search Engine Optimization. 

We realized that the website needed to be visually attractive while performing at the highest level.


Our creative team took point on changing the look and feel of the website to be on-brand. While a picture is worth a thousand words, we knew that the copy needed to be on-brand as well. We curated the copy and images together to tell Reflection’s story. By categorizing the information and reorganizing how users accessed it on the website, we improved the overall UX (User Experience) design. The entire website was now On-Brand!

While our creative team was working on the “look”, our SEO and copywriting team took the lead to enhance the website’s performance. During the organization process, we had to make sure we avoided URL structure issues. Everything needed to be descriptive and concise so the search engines could point back to the website.

Once this work was completed, we began the tedious and detailed work of fixing code and broken links required for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Error by error was corrected until the site was performing at a Google rating of “Excellent”.

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