material masters concrete

Material Masters Concrete needed new branding and a website for their budding business.

Our Step-by-step process below takes you through the process of developing branding alongside a fresh website.

1. We start with the logo 

We developed the logo based on the simple idea of concrete. When you first think of concrete, most people think of a slab like in someone’s driveway or patio. The two sections of the logo emulate this. 

2. Then we develop the Brand guide 

Now that we’ve developed the logo, it’s time to develop the look and feel of the brand so that we can use it as a guide to develop the website. Sometimes, these two are developed simultaneously as seeing the mockup design elements in action can help inform the rules of the brand guide. This is where teamwork and communication is imperative!


4. Using that information, we can form the Website mockup.

When creating a website mockup, it’s important to consider UX design in the process. We wanted to make sure that the website was clean, easy to navigate and displayed information clearly.

The color yellow for the brand guide was chosen when the website mockup was beginning to take shape, because a highlight color needed to be chosen to help draw the user’s eye to the actions they could perform on the website.

5. After our all of our initial work, we seek Client approval

When we reach a point of an 80% completion, we like to meet and review with the client to showcase our work and get their feedback and if we need to make any changes. This usually involves re-working existing copy, or fine tuning the images they’d like to use on the site.

6. After approval, it’s time to develop the website & launch

Once client approval is given, the UX mockup is then given to our web development team who makes it a reality!

Everything above seemed like a lot of work, huh? This step actually takes the longest as there is a lot of fine tuning involved in getting it juuuust right on the world wide web.

From beginning to end, the website development process takes about 90 days.



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