Dogology University was opening a new location that needed automations set up in a Client Management Portal.

We start by filling out their pipeline(s): this is how they want the client to go through their process in stages. For example, it would be broken down into stages like New Lead, Phone Consultation Scheduled, Sold, Lost so that way the workers can keep track of where each client is in the process. This can be broken down as much or as little as they want.

After we set up their pipeline(s), then we start in on the automations. Since they had a location already set up and we helped them start their automations, we reworked some of them to fit new copy in and copied them over into the new GHL account for WB.

We are helping the client in a way that makes their contacting their clients easier (idk how to say that lol)

We make sure they have pipelines in place to put their clients, automations set up to send email/sms to their clients, and messages for after they are done with the client that auto send so they don’t have to remember to send them themselves.

This has levitated stress and forgetfulness and started organization for the company which helps them focus on selling.

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