Bizz Baits needed a strong top-of-funnel paid media strategy with heavy focus on email and sms to support their growth.



You know you have a really great product, like one that is just better than anything else out there…. The major problem is that you need to balance growth, production, and profitability.



It’s a balancing act, and one that many of our clients struggle with before coming to us. 



Bizz Baits is an American owned bait and tackle manufacturer in North Carolina. Owner, Brian Souza, came to Hidden Falls Media wanting to take his brand to the next level. 



We first started out by doing a 2 day deep dive around Bizz Baits. We walked through our process to craft a perfectly tailored plan for them. 



This plan consisted of a strong top-of-funnel paid media strategy while focusing heavily on email and sms to support their growth and offset the initial investment into ads. 



We created a strong email and sms campaign that allowed us to extend the lifetime value of their customers while decreasing customer acquisition costs! 



Their ads have now been seen over 50,000,000 times and growing monthly as we add new images, videos, and products to their current campaigns.


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