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What is the Neuro Insider?

Every month my team, private clients, and I meet to discuss our latest results from our clients and our respective businesses.
Dozens of industries, multiple tests to run on the market, and countless practical insights.
All distilled into a monthly mailed newsletter.
Read it in your office, a nice place outside, or even on the plane on your way to your next client meeting. Wherever you read it...

The Neuro Insider compresses thousands of hours of neuromarketing research and hundreds of millions in marketing spend into a mere 30-minute thinking session.

This is not a “marketing newsletter,” it covers everything you need to build and scale a healthy enterprise - which includes operations, finance, sales, marketing, advertising, customer experience, culture, models, and more.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing, aka consumer neuroscience, is an emerging branch of neuroscience that focuses on taking your customers behaviors, subconscious buying habits, sensory marketing, and applying them to traditional marketing/advertising methods.
It’s a model that runs counter to the old, antiquated “spend until we get it right” method.
Our clients, much like you, don’t have unlimited advertising and marketing spend in order to scale their results.
Everything optimizes for stead, controlled, and enduring growth.
We achieve this by deploying multiple “MODELS” into businesses, including but not limited to:

What’s Included With Your “Neuro Insider” Membership?

The “Neuro Insider” is a monthly mailed membership that includes:

Plus, Premium Subscriber-Only Bonuses:

All For An Unprecedented…
$27 Per Month

For $27 Per Month - Cancel Anytime

Want to Read

I’m going to go “upside-down” with you on this - you don’t even have to subscribe before reading an edition.
There are always new developments in the marketing arena that I don’t feel the need to “hoard” onto intellectual property. There’s always new knowledge and opportunities waiting to be found.
Here is a FREE issue you can read for yourself!

Harness the rules of Neuromarketing to reach more people and sell more product

For us, we could not take another client for all of 2024 and be fine. It’s not ideal, but we would not be in any danger.
Here’s the deal:

The Neuro Insider is a monthly membership which includes:

Plus, Premium Subscriber-Only Bonuses:

The Neuro Insider is not designed to be a quick dopamine fix. It’s not a product you’ll invest in just to collect dust on your “digital bookshelf”.
If that’s what you’re looking for, go buy another course.
The Neuro Insider is designed to be read thoroughly, with intent, in a quiet corner.
If you practice thinking time, this will be a potent product for you.

All of This...
For an Investment of Just $27 Per Month

For $27 Per Month - Cancel Anytime

Yes, I know for some reading this - the investment is low.
It costs less than Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for a week.
But that’s not the real investment. The real investment, if you choose to move forward, will be your time and attention.
“Will I get a ROI on the Insider?”
To be honest, I’m not sure - that’s up to you.
Secret time, we have testimonials from our consulting clients that will make your head spin. But I purposely don’t share those for two reason:
1. They earned their results - we just expedited the process.
2. If the only reason you’re joining is from a testimonial/highlight of financial wins, you’re probably too difficult to help and we better stop here.

The return you get from the Neuro Insider is determined by your personal input and engagement.

Lasting success never comes from “copy and paste” tactics - you need to THINK!
And if you’re willing to take that step, I will honor your investment. As with all of our products, there is a 60-day no questions asked guarantee.

For $27 Per Month - Cancel Anytime

“I Scrolled To The Bottom And Didn’t Read Any Of This. Can You Just Tell Me What This Is?”

Alright, I get it - you’re busy.

Here’s the deal:

For $27 Per Month - Cancel Anytime

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