Ep 7: Do The Work W/ Anthony Hammond

Ep 7: Do The Work W/ Anthony Hammond

Anthony Hammond is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and a 20+ year professional in organizational leadership. Buying his first investment property at 17 yrs old, Anthony has continued to diversify with endeavors that include:

  • Founder of Brothers Dojo (Anthony is a black belt in karate and an experienced kickboxer)
  • Founder of Redfox Apps
  • Founder of SWAGGA™ Apparel
  • Founder of The DOWORK Foundation
  • Director of Schmick Management & Investment Services Pty Ltd

With an extensive success record in business, from going 0-$50k p/m in less than 6 months to generating a 7-figure Company in less than 12 months, Anthony lives by a very simple philosophy, ‘Do The Work’.

If you are looking for MORE in your life, your relationships, your health along with your wealth, including building and / or scaling a business, Anthony can help you get to where you want to go.



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