Ep 28: Steal These 7 Neuromarketing Strategies

Ep 28: Steal These 7 Neuromarketing Strategies

Human psychology truly drives our buying decisions.  So, how do we leverage this in our favor?  It starts with understanding that marketing is a game of memorization.  You want to get customers to memorize who you are and what you offer.  


Alex has been studying neuro-marketing for years, and now he’s giving away what he’s learned for your value and benefit.  Today, he’s sharing the top 7 most used forms of neuro-marketing.  These are all great strategies but will require you to put in the work.  


What You’ll Learn:

  • How human psychology drives our buying decisions.
  • What advertising statement can increase your trust score by 33%.
  • How too many product variations can reduce sales.
  • How to incorporate all 5 senses into your marketing. 


Favorite Quote:

“There’s so many choices that people end up having paralysis by analysis.” – Alex Vonderhaar 


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