Ep 18: How NFT’s Are Changing The Music Industry with Henny Prod

Ep 18: How NFT’s Are Changing The Music Industry with Henny Prod

At just 17 years old, Henny Prod is a successful photographer and videographer specializing in rap music videos.  He touts himself as a one-man band that does all aspects of his craft himself, with customer satisfaction at the center of it all.  Lined up to do sports photography for his school when Covid hit and shut it all down, Henny was taken down a different path.  On a family trip to Chicago, he met Famous Dex and his videographer and thought he could be successful in that space.   With NFT’s entering the scene, musicians are getting more exclusive with their content.  Henny see’s vinyl coming back as a collector’s item, with art being a big part of it.  Connecting with their audience is a big part of the rap world, and vlogging is on the rise. Being a musician is no longer just about making music, you have to create an experience.  


What You’ll Learn:

  • How the rap industry is on top of social media.
  • How NFT’s are changing the music industry. 
  • How exclusivity can drive sales.
  • How taking a step back can propel you forward. 


Favorite Quote:

“Dig deep on your strengths, rather than focusing on your weaknesses.” -Henny Prod


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