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Alex Vonderhaar
0 comments March 21, 2023

Ep 15: How to Hit Your Revenue Goals in 2022

Do you have a goal of building a 7-figure business in 12 months?  Alex says that’s plenty of time to make that happen.  We’re already a month into 2022 so you should have mapped out your revenue goals for the year.  If you haven’t, we’re here to help.  Alex is sharing which questions to ask in order to create your revenue goals.  Once we have our numbers, it’s time to plug them into a spreadsheet to see if we’re on course to hit our goals.


Everything we do rises and falls on strategy sessions.  This is when you discover what it’s going to take to get you to your numbers.  Reverse engineering your goals is a great way to see how many sales calls, for example, you need every month.  It’s important to come back to your sales and revenue goals everyday and to keep a scorecard on your KPIs.  Anytime you feel like you’re falling behind, go back to your spreadsheet and go over the economics on how to make your goal a reality.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to start breaking down revenue goals.
  • How to tie KPIs to revenue goals.
  • Why excel spreadsheets are your friend.
  • What a scorecard is and how it works.


Favorite Quote:

“Most people tell me they had no idea it was that easy to become a 6 or 7-figure brand.” -Alex Vonderhaar


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Alex Vonderhaar

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