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0 comments April 28, 2023

Ep 53: Aaron Nash – 8 Figure Marketing & Branding for Gyms, Supplements, Nonprofits, and Wine

Aaron Nash has built a national boutique gym franchise, “P-Fit the Platinum Standard of Fitness”™, which in year one of franchising sold more units than any other competitor in his space.

He owns four multi-award-winning locations in south Florida, generating millions in revenue and resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds lost in the last five years.

He started WAYT Nutrition supplement company in February 2021, and its explosive growth has already transformed it into a 7-figure brand. Also, a co-founder of Kids Lives Matter, a 501c3, Aaron helps victims of US sex trafficking.

To date, they have recovered and rehabilitated over 100 victims per year.

His first book, Darkside Dichotomy, explains how to use the bad things that happen to all of us and turn them into jet fuel to accomplish your goals.

There is no fakery, no coaching, and no fluff from him. He is a real business owner building real solutions in the real world on his way to a 9-figure exit.


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