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0 comments April 6, 2023

Ep 31: (Live Consult): When Google CRUSHES Your Paid Media Strategy

Angie Manson is the CEO of Elevate Addiction services and helps to run two treatment centers.  She used to get numerous clients through word of mouth, with financial incentives for referrals.  No longer able to go that route, Angie has had to rely heavily on Google.  She’s found that unless you have a ton of money to compete, it can be hard to get a good ROI.   She and Alex discuss business development strategies and how to create growth organically.  Angie utilizes things like client success stories, staff of the month, and core values to create content.  She’s working on developing a stronger call to action to accompany that content.     What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage copy and offer.
  • How renaming or restructuring can get you a better ROI.
  • Which unconventional platforms you should be exploring.
  • What secondary desires are and how they can affect our call to action.


Favorite Quote:

“Nobody has cracked that code on what Google likes and accepts.” – Angie Manson


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