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Alex Vonderhaar
0 comments March 19, 2023

Ep 13: The Captain & WOW Experiences with Phil Leisure

Alex brings in Hidden Falls Media’s Director of Business Development, Phil Leisure, to share what he knows.  In the last episode, we talked about the importance of setting a plan.  Last year brought failure for countless businesses, and it’s because they didn’t have a comprehensive marketing plan.  Marketing isn’t sales, it’s just a means of getting to the sales process.  Phil says with so many different avenues of marketing, it’s foolish to focus on just one.  


Phil reminds us to take a look at how clients are finding you, how you are using different marketing avenues, and in what combinations.  Is your brand creating a wow experience?  Do you even have a brand?  People will buy a product once, but they’ll stay engaged with a brand.  It can be exhausting always trying to introduce a new product to keep people engaged with you.  Build your brand, build the experience, build your sales.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Where most holes in marketing plans are found.
  • How to move from marketing to sales.
  • How to analyze your customers’ sales journey.
  • How to utilize the back side of the funnel.


Favorite Quote:

“In today’s world, nobody doesn’t know they’re being sold to.” -Phil Leisure

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